Últim avís!

With a minimal intervention of the space, Últim avís! (Last Call!) is a symbolic approach to the experience of being in an airport: a place of traffic, where queues are caused and we are made to walk round and round through spaces delimited by belts, walls, indications, distractions and boundaries to be crossed. A large surface area is a constant murmur of sounds and images over the loudspeaker until the very moment of entering the plane, and then begins a new experience that we know well enough, but that never ceases to surprise us, and that is why we always have this great temptation to photograph and share.

According to the artist Martha Rosler, the airport is in a certain way like a microcosm of the world: a place where a series of contradictions about desire, nostalgia and also isolation are provoked that make one feel different, but at the same time as part of a great controlled mass. And that is why there are a whole series of distraction mechanisms that are used to evade these troubled feelings.

Les Escoles Velles. Sant Esteve de Palautordera. 2022

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