Camp Tabarca

Tabarca Camp is an off-season educational program set on the Island of Tabarca on the Eastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. The aim is to stablish a series of dedicated workshops focused on creating an audiovisual archive of the Isle of Tabarca and its unique singularities. The project intends to organise workshops every year between the months of October and February.

The program will kickstart in October 2022 with a 3-day workshop run by talented photographer Anna Bosch Miralpeix and will focus on photography and visual narratives. 

On February 2023 we will resume the activity with a 3-day workshop run by Edu Comelles and with the focus on sound art and field recordings.

The educational programm is supported by Hotel Boutique Tabarca, a 14-bedroom hotel that opens exclusively to host this educational and cultural endeavour and experience. 


P H O T O G R A P H Y   &   V I S U A L   N A R R A T I V E 

Isle of Tabarca, Alacant, Spain




S O U N D   A R T  &  F I E L D  R E C O R D I N G S

Isle of Tabarca, Alacant, Spain






Due to the success of the Audiotalaia Summer Camp, we are now launching the first Tabarca Camp. In this case the initiative is relocated to the fabulous and little known island of Tabarca, 8 km from the coast of Alicante, in the Valencian Community.

An idyllic setting for a three-day arts program and workshop where participants will be able to explore the landscape, feel and translate into art the relationship with the island’s space-time, be in contact with nature and its inhabitants, Let oneself be captivated by unknown places, listen and respect what the island has to offer.

With this in mind, during the three-day residency and workshop, participants from all over the world will share, work and explore together the creative possibilities in each given field of the arts. From the desire to make a reportage with a documentary approach, to the interest of making a personal or intimate journey, or even an excuse to explore a specific technical skill, the workshops aim to be a challenge and an opportunity for all those interested in living the experience.

The workshops are aimed at people with and artistic approach and who are interested in exploring the expressive possibilities of various languages to the maximum. There will be an introduction to the concepts and the context in which we are located before we get into it fully and let ourselves be carried along by its rhythm. On the last day there will be a presentation in which the participants will have to show their work to the others.

The outcome of the works developed through the camp will become part  of the Tabarca Arts Archive, an online accessible audiovisual cartography of the island. The aim is to create an artistic and creative catalogue of perspectives on the singularity of Tabarca.

The workshops will be conducted by the photographer Anna Bosch Miralpeix and Edu Comelles respectively


The Tabarca Camp consists of three full days on the island. Thursday is the welcome day in which we get to know each other and present the workshop. Friday and Saturday will hold the majority of the activities of the workshop: Each day will start with a short lecture establishing the conceptual, theoretical and practical aspects of each workshop. An assignment will be proposed to the participants to develop during the day. When the sun goes down we will gather and critically review the work done during the day. On Sunday we will present the outcome of each participant’s exploration of the Island and wrap up the materials for the Audiovisual Cartography.


Welcome at the Hotel and first expedition tour around the island, some historical and general information about the idiosyncrasy of the place will be given. After sunset and once back at the Hotel there will be a presentation of the Audiotalaia Project and of the workshop and a short round of presentations by the participants in which to share personal aims, projects or ideas.

Friday | Saturday

After breakfast, a lecture will be given. Also the grounds for the day assignment will be established after which everyone can start developing their ideas during the day. When the sun comes down we will gather for a session to review collectively the work done and provide some feedback to the group. After dinner all together at the hotel and whatever comes up: rest, chat, share work, improvise.


We will dedicate the whole morning to review and shape together the body of work done over the prior days. It will be a working and presentation session in which to confront collectively the photography material with the audiovisual cartography of the Island. After that the conclusions of the workshop will be shared and the closing lunch will take place. The boat leaves Tabarca after lunch.

Profile of the participants

Camp Tabarca aims to gather creative enthusiasts from all over the world interested in sound, art, music, photography and visual narrative and its creative possibilities and with the aim to share and work collectively. All sessions will be held in English or and Spanish, depending of the origin of the participants we will adapt. We are looking forward to host participants from all over the world interested in photography and visual arts. We are looking for musicians, sound and visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, documentalists, architects, anthropologists, designers, etc.


Each selected participant will have to deposit 580€ through Bank Transfer (IBAN / SWIFT), or via Western Union or similar, we do not accept Paypal transfers. The fee covers full-board accommodation in a private room with en-suite bathroom at the Hotel Boutique Tabarca. All meals are included on the price. and the involvement in all activities programmed during the Camp and the ferry from mainland (Santa Pola) to the Island and back.


Each of the participants will have to travel by their own to Santa Pola (Alicante), the coastal town where the ferry departs to Tabarca daily. Santa Pola is nearby Alicante Airport with connections to major European destinations. Alicante also have high speed train to Madrid or Barcelona. The organization covers the boat trip (back and forth) from Santa Pola to Tabarca.

COVID-19 / Safe Environment

According to the Spanish Health regulations regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic at the time of the publication of this open call: Covid Passport will be requierd to attend the camp and mask is compulsory on all indoor common areas at all times. On outdoors activities mask is optional unless the space we occupy doesn’t allow for social distancing. Meals will be served indoor in separated tables of no more than four people each. This regulations may adapt to the given situation and the evolution of the pandemic on Spain and in compliance of the Spanish Government regulations.


The registration to the Tabarca Camp has two main steps. First each individual will have to fill the online form linked below. You will have to send a short motivation letter and minor information on your background and interests. Shortly after you fill the form we will give you further details on how to formalize your reservation. The registration will happen on a first-come, first-served basis until all the available seats are sold out.

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