Anna Bosch Miralpeix born on August 18, 1982. Currently living in Barcelona, is a photographer and visual project developer. As a documentary photographer she tries to capture the atmosphere that explains a specific social situation. Rather than seeking the immediate impact of a detail, she prefers to work with the addition of organic images that, together, reveal the complexity of factors in play, appealing to both the consciousness and unconsciousness of the viewer.

She attended the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (2002-2006) and extended her studies with a workshop at the ICP with the photographer Mary Ellen Mark. She founded Ruido Photo (2004), Ruido School (2008), and CFD Barcelona (2012).

She have worked as a teacher and led participatory photography and curatorial projects. Her work has been in solo and group exhibitions and published in national and international media.

Her more renowned project ‘Bubble Beirut’ was selected for the 20th edition of the Fotopres Grant, a prestigious biennial award given to ten selected projects by the Spanish institution Fundació La Caixa. Bubble Beirut was also projected in La Nuit de l’ Année during the 2016 Arles photo festival, Les Rencontres d’ Arles.

More about Anna:

Currently in Barcelona.

Recent entries:

‘Bubble Beirut’ at Lens Blog from The New York Times 

‘Vaqueros en Sonora’ photographic essay about cowboys in the North of Mexico.

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